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Program related links:
Arachne WWW BrowserWeb Browser for DOS. Implements Tables and CSS way better than Internet Explorer in some ways, but lacks Java. Supports NetDOS for network sharing.
FlashGet High speed download resumer and manager
PictView 1.95 Only about 150 KB and can convert and view between over 100 different graphic formats. Can do just about anything and more.
PV 2.78 Can view/convert between a few graphic formats, but best of all, you can resize images to any width or zoom percent in the process.
Quick View Pro 2.48 Less than 300 KB and can view AVI & MPG videos DivX 5 codecs! Can also play mp3 files, view JPGs, and a few others.
WinampYou know this one.
WinRAR / RAR32Greatest compression programs.
ZDSpc PlayerPlays Snes game music rips. 65 KB per track and plays infinitely with 1st hand quality.

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